With our full-service approach, we know how to completely relieve the client. Our team, led by a project manager, takes care of the restyling and/or renovation of your living environment; from the initial idea to the actual delivery.


Large-scale approach

concept/design and plans

construction/finishing and interior finishing

interior design and styling

With a team of (interior) architects, (structural) draftspeople, work planners, project managers and stylists, we have everything we need to realise a complete renovation.


Concept/design and plans

In the process of realising the interior design, the requirements and expectations of our client are paramount. By carefully listening and asking the right questions, we get a good impression of our client's needs and preferences.

What follows is a presentation of routing, colours and materials, incorporated in various 2D and 3D visualisations with which we manage to amaze the client every time. Just that extra bit beyond your comfort zone.

In addition, a good interior design requires, among other things, a well-considered lighting and electrical plan. By working out both in great detail and coordinating them with our client and the contractor, we ensure that the execution proceeds flawlessly.

Construction/finishing and interior finishing

We believe it is important that our client should not have to worry about the progress and quality throughout the project. A clear coordination regarding planning and budget as well as close communication with our client and the various contractors are very crucial in this respect.

Our team is responsible from start to finish, ensuring that all work runs as smoothly as possible. The high level of commitment of our team ensures that we never lose track of quality.

Interior design/styling

We work with our client to make the right choices for furniture, lighting and decoration. Our team frequently attends important design fairs both in the Netherlands and abroad and is always aware of new developments and products. We are only satisfied when your property feels like home.

A less grand approach

concept/design and plans

interior design and styling

Not every home calls for a complete renovation. Nor does every budget immediately allow for a complete renovation. Sometimes a beautiful remake of your main living area/ areas or garden & terrain is sufficient. By appointment we can meet you personally in our showroom and we can talk about what we can do for your project.


Concept/design and plans

Even if we can help you with 'just' a new interior or a remodelling, we will start with a pleasant conversation and a visit to the location. Once our client's desires and requirements are clear, we will begin work on the design, which we will present to you by means of 2D and 3D visualisations, colour and material proposals. By visualising the design and our ideas clearly, the final result immediately comes to life.

Interior design/styling

Not only colours and materials, but also the right lighting, furniture and decoration are very determining factors for setting the right mood in your living or working environment. By working with many different brands, we are always able to create new and exciting combinations and always achieve a unique end result.

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