Milan Design Week 2023


While writing/typing this Milan blog, I notice that not all stimuli have been processed yet in my brain library.
Read positive incentives.
We have gained so much inspiration in a short period of time.
Where shall I start, how do I record this?

I “just” go through the photos from top to bottom and start writing.
Or do I not let you read, but watch?

Yes, I’ve decided to type less and show more photo’s.
I will, however, clarify our Milan expedition with keywords.

Exhibition halls · launch · Euroluce · light · light-objects · outdoor · natural stones · terra-tones · wallpapaer · Marni · texture · structures · faucet · origami · poison green · ceramic · curves · neutral · haute culture · elements · peacock · custom furniture · make-up & jewellery cabinet · floor-patterns · xxl-tables · full colour · pool · tennis court · curtain · Zeus · fashion houses · district · Holland-house · art · rooftop · Ciao ·

Trudy Heerkens
Trudy Heerkens
Interieurarchitect in hart en nieren. Naast haar onuitputbare enthousiasme voor interieur heeft Trudy een grote liefde voor mode, trends en steden.